Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grace Abundant; Five New Dominican Priests

By the grace of God there are five new Dominican priests in the world, ordained last Friday, May 29. They are: Fr's. Gregory Schnackenburg, Bruno Mary Shah, Anthony Mary Giambrone, Thomas Petri, and Jonah Pollock.

I attended their ordination to the holy priesthood at St. Dominic's Church in downtown Washington, DC. It was awesome. I've been to a number of ordinations. But when it is men with whom you have lived and know well who are being ordained it is even more special than ordinations always are.

I am very happy and excited for them, the Dominicans, and the Church, for they are excellent men and I'm sure will be excellent priests. I pray for abundant blessings upon their priesthood, and that they all become holy in the exercise of their priestly ministry. All praise and thanks be to God for this great gift to the Church!

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