Sunday, August 30, 2009

New book on beauty for women

I am happy to note that Gina Loehr (formerly Gina Giambrone), sister of newly ordained Dominican priest (one of my former classmates and brothers in religion and still a good friend), Fr. Anthony Giambrone, has recently completed her second book. Published by Servant Books, is Choosing Beauty: A 30-Day Spiritual Makeover For Women. [Amazon link here]

About a week ago I happened to be tuned in to EWTN radio in my car and up came an hour-long interview with Gina about her new book. She was interviewed by host Steve Wood on the Faith & Family radio program and did a great job. Gina's book (while I haven't read it, I did hear her speak about it on the radio) is about authentic beauty (which is spiritual and physical both), and how women can pursue beauty by nurturing the virtues.

I'm sure the book is very good. And Gina comes from the perspective of a young woman (now a wife and mother) who in younger days did not always embrace her faith wholeheartedly. So, as her Catholic faith has grown she has gone through a transformation of how she understands beauty, becoming more aware of the difference between what our society says is beautiful, versus the real thing.

Congratulations Gina on your book!


  1. Thanks so much for your reccomendation. I am in the middle of "Virtue Driven Life" by Groeschel. This would be a perfect followup on a topic we always need affirmation (and reality checks).

    Thanks also for your blog. I enjoy it!


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