Monday, September 7, 2009

What do young adult Catholics need? [3]

I have been thinking more about number 4 of my last post and I want to qualify this a bit.

I do think it is true that many young adults are emotionally and/or psychologically immature compared to my grandparents' generation. And, I still hold that an unbalanced (and directionless) tendency toward excessive navel-gazing, losing oneself in a detached inner world, is bound up with this (note: I do not deny in any way that properly contextualized and purposeful self-examination is very important). However, the aspect I want to qualify is my comment about young people being too emotionally excitable and/or excitable about the wrong things--things that do not warrant a highly emotional response.

Indeed, some adults do suffer from this trait. But, there are also many who suffer from the opposite--something that can be referred to as insensitivity.

Just as there are young people whose emotions are too easily or inappropriately roused, there are young people who do not react strongly to things when decency demands that they should. A lack of passion about things which ought to stir up passion is just as, if not more, problematic as the opposite.

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