Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hush Little Baby

Here's a nifty version of "Hush Little Baby" with B0bby McFerrin singing and Y0-Yo Ma on Cello along with bass and violin.

A while ago (ten years or more?) I was somewhat of a Bobby McFerrin fan. After awhile I think maybe he started to seem a little bit gimmicky to me. But, I still think he is very talented and I love the infectious enthusiasm for life that he seems to communicate through his singing. I tend to like any sort of music that seems close to the everyday simple moments of life and that seems to capture something true about the human heart--things like hopefulness even in the midst of sorrow (which I think Irish folk music is great at doing!). But this song is pretty much an expression of a simple joy of fatherhood. I don't know--does McFerrin have kids?


  1. Hey Scott,
    Welcome to the world of blogging!! I got distracted the other day and didn't get as far as commenting. Love the blog! This is the next best thing to coffee chats at PFL.

    Related to Bobby McFerrin...did you ever see his Ave Maria w/audience assistance? It is AMAZING! (i have goosebumps from watching it again).

    BTW, long overdue for dinner. Paul is going back to Chi-town. How about first thing in June??

  2. ack, Paul didn't say that...I said that. Testing...hello?'s me! elisabeth?

  3. Ha! I figured it was you, Elisabeth. Thanks!

  4. Oh, and I LOVE that picture of your grandma. It is perfect!

  5. Thank you! They really were arm wrestling. I forget who won. Probably my gram.


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