Thursday, May 7, 2009

Song of Songs 2

Here is a second installment of reflections as I continue little-by-little through the Song of Songs.

[Please note: as the Song of Songs is part of Sacred Scripture it is inspired by God and thus authored by the Holy Spirit along with the human authors. This means I assume that any of the language of the Song which is an authentic part of the canonical book cannot be otherwise than to have a meaning that is entirely coherent with God's plan for human life and the Holy Spirit-guided teaching of the Church about chastity and marriage. I will always comment from within this assumption.]

Chapter 1, v 4

Again, the maiden wants to be lead by the bridegroom ("Draw me in". . .). But, this results in their becoming joined together in shared action: "let us run."

The union of the lovers is itself a cause for joy of other people. Spousal-oriented love is both private and public. An aspect of every potential marriage is public--others have a stake in this relationship, for the good of their society. It is right for other members of the lovers' local community to take joy in the lovers' relationship.

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